The Details indicator shows a description of the company and other important information about the symbol on the chart

Chart View

The indicator shows the name, the abbreviation and the type of ticker. Exchange and abbreviation, industry and GICSector, date of the IPO and the description of the symbol.

In the case of ETFs, IPO or Occupation is partly empty - ETFs will get a new view.



  • Background Intensity [0-255]: How intense the set colors are

  • Background Color [Color]: Background of the table (Default Gray)

  • Text Color [Color]: Color of the text (Default Dark Slate Gray)

Text Preferences

  • Text Width [Wert]: Specifies how many pixels the description text can fill i.e. makes the info box narrower and higher or wider and lower.


  • Api Key [Key]: Is empty if no api key has been set yet, if the api key has already been set in at least one indicator, all others adopt this key

Return Values

  • Sector [Text]: GICSector of the Stock

  • Industry [Text]: Industry of the Stock

  • IPO Date [Datum]: IPO Date

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