Shows the dividends and the yield in the chart.

Chart View

A window with the dividend yield is displayed in the chart, the yield can be calculated in different modes.
Yield window displayed on the chart
The date bar shows the amount of the dividend and a flag (R) that visualizes the record date. The record date is the date on which companies record who holds the share in order to pay the dividend.
Dividends displayed on the Chart



  • Background Intensity [0-255]: How intense the set colors are
  • Background Color [Color]: Background of the table (Default Gray)
  • Cell Color [Color]: Background of the dividend value (Standard Sky Blue)
  • Currency Color [Color]:Background of the displayed currency (default Dark Gray)
  • Record Date Color [Color]: Record Date Flag Color (Standard Medium Slate Blue)
  • Text Color [Color]: Color of the text (default Dark Slate Gray)


  • Yield Type [Most Recent, Rolling, Interpolated]: How the yield type gets calculated
Most Recent - Yield is calculated with the most recent dividend paid. Rolling - Yield is calculated with the last (depending on how often the dividend is paid) dividends. Interpolated - Yield is calculated with the last dividend paid, multiplied depending on the payout period.


  • Api Key [Key]: Is empty if no api key has been set yet, if the api key has already been set in at least one indicator, all others adopt this key.

Visual Preferences

  • Show Record Date [True, False]: Whether the Record date flag is displayed..