Shows the dividends and the yield in the chart.

Chart View

A window with the dividend yield is displayed in the chart, the yield can be calculated in different modes.

The date bar shows the amount of the dividend and a flag (R) that visualizes the record date. The record date is the date on which companies record who holds the share in order to pay the dividend.



  • Background Intensity [0-255]: How intense the set colors are

  • Background Color [Color]: Background of the table (Default Gray)

  • Cell Color [Color]: Background of the dividend value (Standard Sky Blue)

  • Currency Color [Color]:Background of the displayed currency (default Dark Gray)

  • Record Date Color [Color]: Record Date Flag Color (Standard Medium Slate Blue)

  • Text Color [Color]: Color of the text (default Dark Slate Gray)


  • Yield Type [Most Recent, Rolling, Interpolated]: How the yield type gets calculated

Most Recent - Yield is calculated with the most recent dividend paid. Rolling - Yield is calculated with the last (depending on how often the dividend is paid) dividends. Interpolated - Yield is calculated with the last dividend paid, multiplied depending on the payout period.


  • Api Key [Key]: Is empty if no api key has been set yet, if the api key has already been set in at least one indicator, all others adopt this key.

Visual Preferences

  • Show Record Date [True, False]: Whether the Record date flag is displayed..

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