This indicator shows the largest n (adjustable) holders of a share in the chart
The largest 4 (adjustable) holders in the chart window
The Holders indicator shows the size of the holdings in relation to the outstanding shares of a stock and the name of the institution or ETF that holds the stock. An ownership < 1% is shown in the list as an absolute number of shares, everything above that as a percentage.



  • Background Intensity [0-255]: How intense the set colors are
  • Background Color [Color]: Background of the table (Default Gray)
  • Amount Color [Color]: Background of an Ownership cell (Standard Sky Blue)
  • Text Color [Color]: Color of the text (default Dark Slate Gray)


  • Api Key [Key]: Is empty if no api key has been set yet, if the api key has already been set in at least one indicator, all others adopt this key.
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