The shares indicator is a pure chart indicator with info window, this shows the, total shares, the holdings and the float of a share in the chart.

Chart View

The shares indicator shows the float, the insider holding, the institutional holding and the total number of shares. As well as the percentage of shares. As well as the name, symbol and type of share.

The data can be a little contradictory in parts, while the data for most symbols is consistent - there can be discrepancies due to different actuation times of the individual data points.



  • Background Intensity [0-255]: How intense the set colors are

  • Background Color [Color]: Background of the table (Default Gray)

  • Cell Color [Color]: Background of a percentage cell (Default Sky Blue)

  • Text Color [Color]: Color of the text (Default Dark Slate Gray)


  • Api Key [Key]: Is empty if no api key has been set yet, if the api key has already been set in at least one indicator, all others adopt this key

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