Data, especially alternative data, is playing an increasingly important role in investments. In recent years, more and more asset managers have therefore started to combine conventional financial data with alternative data, thus enriching their trading strategies with additional insights.

But alternative data does not only help with investment decisions. In a recent study by Greenwich Associates, 88 per cent of fund managers said they like to demonstrate their trading strategies to investors. Currently, 95 per cent of these fund managers already use alternative data to illustrate their decisions.

In addition, more than half of hedge funds use alternative data to gain a competitive advantage. This is according to a survey published by the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) in collaboration with fund services provider SS&C Technologies.

The field of alternative data is huge - for example, satellite images were used to evaluate customer frequency in Frenchies chains or shopping centres in order to predict the next quarterly figures of the chains concerned. However, quarterly figures etc. have traditionally also been part of the alternative data - this addon attempts to make this data more readily available.

Many traders already have subscriptions to various data providers. The aim of this add-on is to visualise and evaluate such data directly in the chart - in order to be able to make decisions as quickly as possible.

In order not to burden the user's PC like other providers, almost all calculations are carried out on our server, which is also responsible for data scraping, this enables the addon to carry out additional calculations on the server - and thus to compare all stocks that are on our server with each other.

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